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Everybody's home is different and unique adapted to suit the needs of its occupants. In this innovative and inspiring book Darren Palmer addresses the every day home owner by showcasing a wide selection of his family home projects showing the ways in which different families have tailored various interior design elements -- storage lighting furniture materials larger and smaller spaces -- to reflect their daily lives.Whether you're a single parent with one child a married couple with kids an older working couple with grown children and grandchildren or a middle-aged couple with no kids and no pets- Home Space acknowledges that everybody's lives have different demands and this is reflected most significantly through the spaces that we live in. Every family group will have a different set of needs and challenges; the associated constraints requirements and solutions resulting in specially tailored spaces that are as individual as the people living within them. Home Space is an engaging and informative book that is full of stunning inspirational photography practical solutions and information. Discover how five different methods of making the bed can completely change your room get inspired with a range of vibrant bedrooms for younger members of the family read how one room is given four brand new looks through different soft furnishings artwork and decor items and find out how to choose the perfect rug to compliment your space.Home Space is the answer to all of your questions when it comes to current and future home design challenges.