kvalitet og kvantitet Silence of the Wave The (Paperback) by Carofiglio Gianrico Curtis Howard QJimZPOJ

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A woman on the run from her past. A child on the run from reality. A man on the run from himself. Carofiglio confronts the dark side of the human soul in this captivating story of fall and redemption. Every week Roberto Marias crosses Rome on foot to arrive at his psychiatrist's office. There he often sits in silence stumped by the ritual - but sometimes crucial memories come to the surface. He remembers when he was a child and used to surf with his father. He remembers the treacherous years he spent working as an under-cover carabinieri years that taught him how cynicism and corruption are not merely external influences but also exist within us. He has lived an intoxicating and crushing life but now his psychiatrist's words the hypnotic strolls through Rome and a meeting with a woman named Emma - who like Roberto is ravaged by a profound guilt - are beginning to revive him. And when eleven-year-old Giacomo asks Roberto to help him conquer his nightmares Roberto at last achieves a true rebirth.