prestige The Best of Times (Paperback) by Vincenzi Penny W4dYpFiT

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  • 1990 Antal på lager


Product Description:

On a hot summer's day a lorry slews across a motorway and causes a huge pile-up. In that split-second accident lives are changed forever. Jonathan is a successful surgeon returning from a liaison with his mistress Abi; Georgia is a young actress on her way to an audition for the part that could make her career; Toby is a bridegroom travelling to his wedding with his best friend Barney; Mary is a widow trying to get to the airport to reunite with her wartime first love and William is a young farmer who witnesses the crash from across the hill. One incident - and only one person who really knows what happened. THE BEST OF TIMES is an exhilarating engaging novel of secrets hopes and worlds that are torn apart.